Self-Care Behaviors and Related
Self-Care Behaviors and Related Factors in Hypertensive Patients

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 نويسنده : Sayed Fazel Zinat Motlagh    ایمیل :

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Background: An assessment of an individual’s hypertension self-care behavior may provide clinicians and practitioners with important

information regarding how to better control hypertension.

Objectives: The objective of this study was to investigate the self-care behaviors of hypertensive patients.

Patients and Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 2014 in a sample of 1836 patients of both genders who had been

diagnosed with hypertension in urban and rural health centers in the Kohgiluyeh Boyerahmad Province in southern Iran. They were

randomly selected and were invited to participate in the study. Self-care activities were measured using the H-hypertension self-care

activity level effects.

Results: The mean age of the respondents was 63 (range: 30 - 92), and 36.1% reported adherence to the recommended levels of medication;

24.5% followed the physical activity level guidelines. Less than half (39.2%) met the criteria for practices related to weight

management, and adherence to low-salt diet recommendations was also low (12.3%). Overall, 86.7% were nonsmokers, and 100%

abstained from alcohol. The results of a logistic regression indicated that gender was significantly associated with adherence to

physical activity (OR = 0.716) and non-smoking (OR = 1.503) recommendations; that is, women were more likely to take part in physical

activity than men. There was also a significant association between age and adherence to both a low-salt diet (OR = 1.497) and

medication (OR = 1.435).

Conclusions: Based on our findings, it is crucial to implement well-designed educational programs to improve hypertension selfcare


Self-Care Behaviors and Related Factors in Hypertensive Patients 

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